BLHeli ArduinoUSBLinker – One-Wire Flashing ESC

  1. Download  BLHeliSuite & setup your Arduino (Uno)
  2. Plug in your Arduino and start BLHeliSuite
  3. In BLHeliSuite click on the „Make interfaces“ tab
  4. Under „Make Arduino Interface Boards“ select your board e.g. Uno and make sure, that you select the correct COM port
  5. Click on „ArduinoUSBLinker“ (BLHeli Suite will now flash your Arduino with code that makes it act like a USB Linker)
  6. Connect GND pin of the Arduino to the GND pin of the ESC wire and pin D2 (Digital 2) of the Arduino to the signal pin of the ESC. (Do NOT connect the 5V wire of the ESC!)
  7. Now switch back to „Atmel ESC Setup“ tab and select „Select ATMEL / SILABS Interface“ > „ArduinoUSBLinker“
  8. Power up the ESC, click „Connect“ (on the right COM port) and then click on „Read Setup“
  9. Have fun!

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